Specialized Construction
Building Moves, Rigging and Shoring, Structure Raising

Foundations - New Foundations, Excavation, Sill Work and Drainage

Dry Laid Stone, New and Repairs to Existing

Trucking and Equipment - Heavy and Oversize Hauling

Fire Towers
Oakhill, Kearsarge and Milan Firetowers - Bases renovated and new cabs buit.

Arnold M. Graton and Associates was selected in January 2017 to work in conjunction with Plimouth Plantation on the Ship Mayflower.
Click here to watch a video from the local paper.

St. Matthews Chapel - Sugar Hill, NH
This well-know chapel was rolled off a failing stone foundation. Site was excavated and new frost footings and posts installed. The chapel was the rolled back and set down on the new foundation footings and posts.

Historic Cable House - Durham NH
Relocated to new foundation for installation of cables by Eversource.

Omni Mt. Washington Hotel - Bartlett, NH
Installed extensive steel shoring to support porches while columns were replaced.

Sampler Barn - Sugar Hill, NH
Well known Sugar Hill Sampler Barn was raised, excavated, and set down on a new foundation. The existing timber frame was refurbished.

Home and Barn Move - Tamworth, NH
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