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In the last several years, Arnold M. Graton Associates Inc., has expanded to include extensive barn, home renovation and building moves, raising structures to add foundations, excavation, sill replacement, drainage, siding etc. The team is led by project manager Tim Dansereau who has worked for the company for 16 years. Arnold M. Graton Associates Inc. has a wide-ranging equipment fleet that includes excavators, dump trucks, heavy haul trucks and other sitework equipment.
Arnold M. Graton has restored and built record numbers of covered bridges throughout his career.
During the flood control of the 1950’s, Graton Associates was hired to remove covered bridges from the rivers that were in the flood plain. This process started the unique career of restoring and building new covered bridges. I worked with my Father, Milton S. Graton, doing 'site work' until the mid 1950’s, when I became a full partner (Graton Associates). In 1958, my father and I made the natural move to Covered Bridges. This is the time when “Flood Control” was starting up in Northern New England and Covered Bridges were in the path. When a Covered Bridge gets to be about 100 to 150 years of age, the years of neglect start to take their toll. When asked to relocate one of these historic structures, my Father and I often had to give the bridge a little additional support before the move could take place. In 1958, my Father and I, as partners built our first Covered Bridge in Campton, NH, then our next was Woodstock, VT in 1968.




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