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Round Barn Covered Bridges building restoration'

Name and Location Type of Truss Extent of Work
Amsden/Salmond, Weathersfield, VT King Relocated
Auchumpkee Creek, Upson County, GA Town Lattice New
Baltimore, N. Springfield, VT Town Lattice Moved/Restoration
Bartlett, Bartlett, NH Paddleford Arch Restoration
Bath, Bath, NH Burr Arch Restoration
Bedell, Haverhill, NH/Newbury, VT Double Burr Arch Restoration
Big Eddy/Village, Waitsfield, VT Burr Arch Restoration
Blacksmith Shop, Cornish, NH Multiple King Restoration
Blair, Two Vehicle Campton, NH Long Arch Restoration/Repairs
Blenheim, N. Blenheim, NY Double Barrel Long Restoration
Blow Me Down, Cornish, NH Multiple King Restoration
Brown's River, Westford, VT Burr Moved/Restoration
Bump/Graton, Campton, NH Queen Post New
Cabin Creek Covered Bridge, Lewis County, KY Multiple King Stablization
Corbin, Newport, NH Town Lattice New
Dingleton Hill, Cornish, NH Multiple King Restoration
Downers, Weathersfield, VT Town Lattice Restoration
Durgin Covered Bridge, Sandwich, NH Paddleford Restoration (Added the Arch)
Flint, Tunbridge, VT Queen Restoration
Gilbertville, Hardwick, MA Town Lattice Restoration
Groveton, Groveton, NH Paddleford Arch Restoration
Hall, Saxton's River, VT Town Lattice New
Henry Ford Museum, Deerborne, MI Multiple King Shoring/Truss Restoration
Holmes Creek, Charlotte, VT Tied Arch Restoration
Holz Briicke, Frankenmuth, MI Town Lattice New
Jack O'Lantern, Thornton, NH Town Lattice New
Johnson Creek Covered Bridge, Mount Oilvet, KY Smith #4 Restoration
King's, Somerset, PA Multiple King Post/Arch Queen Post Shoring/Suspended
Knights Ferry, Knights Ferry, CA Howe Restoration
Lower Quinlan, Charlotte, VT Burr Repaired Vehicle Damage
New England, Henniker, NH Town Lattice New
Newfield, Newfield, NY Town Lattice Restoration
Packard, Lebanon, NH Howe New
Passumpsic/Sanborn, Lyndonville, VT Paddleford Moved
Pine Brook, Waitsfield, VT King Post Restoration
Prentiss, Langdon, NH Town Lattice Restoration
Prentiss, Langdon, NH Town Lattice Restoration
Quincy, Rumney, NH Long Moved and Dismantled
Rexleigh, Salem, NY Howe Restoration
Smith, Colrain, MA Burr Arch Moved off of the river
Smithsonian, Heritage, NH Located at Glen, NH Town Lattice New
Squam/Graton, Ashland, NH Town Lattice New
Stoughton, Springfield, VT Town Lattice Moved/Restoration
Swiftwater, Bath, NH Paddleford Temporary repair
Titcomb, Weathersfield, VT King Moved/Restoration
Turkey Jim, Campton, NH Queen Post New
Union Street (Middle), Woodstock, VT Town Lattice New/Rebuilt #1st burned
Upper Sheffield, Sheffield, MA Town Lattice Restoration
Utica Mills, Frederick County, MD Burr Arch Restoration
Van Trans Flat, Livington Manor-Roscoe, NY Town Lattice Restoration
Whittier, Ossipee, NH Paddleford Arch Repaired
William Henry Stevens Covered Bridge, Highlands, NC Town Lattice Moved/Restoration
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